Christmas Ornaments Handcrafted From The Finest Porcelain and China Paint
Holiday Icicles

Each figure is "Hand-Poured" using the finest porcelain slip
fired in our own Kiln and China Painted
by the renowned New Orleans Artist
"Beverly Landrieu"
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Christmas Ornaments

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"Mary" - $14.95 ea.                   

"Joseph" - $14.95 ea.               

"Shepherd" - $14.95 ea.            

"Wiseman No.1" - $14.95 ea.   

"Wiseman No.2" - $14.95 ea.   

"Wiseman No.3" - $14.95 ea.    

"Angel - Candle" - $14.95 ea.    

"Angel Praying" - $14.95 ea.     

"Camel" - $14.95 ea.                 

"Donkey" - $14.95 ea.               

"Cow" - $14.95 ea.                    

"Full Set" - $139.95 ea.             

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