Shrimp Remoulade
	1 1/2 tablespoons Dry mustard
	2 tablespoons     Vegetable oil
	1 tablespoon      Vinegar
	1 tablespoon      Prepared horseradish
	1 teaspoon        Paprika
	1/2 teaspoon      Salt
	1/4 teaspoon      White pepper
	Dash              Hot sauce
	2                 Green onions -- cut in 1-inch
	1/2               Stalk celery -- cut in 1-inch
	2 tablespoons     Coarsely chopped
	                  Fresh parsley
	1 clove           Garlic -- cut in half
	2 Pounds          Medium shrimp -- cooked And deveined
	                  Leaf lettuce
	Combine all ingredients except shrimp and lettuce
	in container of an electric blender or food processor; process
	at high speed until blended and smooth. Chill thoroughly.To serve,
	arrange shrimp on lettuce leaves, and pour dressing over shrimp.
	NOTE: Shrimp Remoulade serves 6 as a salad
	      over shredded lettuce.

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