Fondue III
	1 pound       Gouda cheese
	2 tablespoons Butter
	1/4 cup       Flour
	1 1/2 cups    Milk
	2 teaspoons   Garlic -- finely chopped
	1/8 teaspoon  Nutmeg
	1/4 cup       Dry white wine
	2 teaspoons   Kirsch
	              Bread -- cubed
	              Pepper to taste
	Grate the cheese. melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour,
	stirring with a wire whisk. Add the milk, stirring rapidly with
	When blended and smooth, add the garlic, pepper, nutmeg and wine.
	Add the kirsch, if desired. Serve hot with bread cubes for dipping. If
	the sauce is to be used over vegetables, omit the kirsch. 

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