Mushrooms Trifalati 
	4             1/2 inch thick white bread Slices -- crusts removed
	4 Lg          garlic cloves minced
	1/2 cup       Olive oil
	1 pound       Mushrooms thin sliced
	1/4 cup       Dry white wine
	              Salt and pepper
	2             Lemons
	3 tablespoons Chopped parsley
	Use a good quality bread not that store-bought sandwich white
	bread. Fry bread in butter until golden or toast bread and then
	butter. Cook garlic in microwave with onion on high power for
	1 minute. Add mushrooms and cook 2 minutes on high stirring after
	1 minute. Add juice from 2 lemons, parsley, wine and salt and
	pepper. Cook 2 more minutes on high.Stir and cover and let set
	3 minutes. Mushrooms should appear wilted, Serve mushrooms over
	the toast with some of the liquid. You can add more garlic to
	taste. This is utterly yum yum Italian appetizer.

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