Baked Oysters 
	1/4 pound Butter
	2 cups    Celery
	1         Onion -- chopped fine
	1 pint    Oysters
	4         Eggs; hard-boiled -- grated
	2 cups    Toasted bread crumbs
	1 cup     Oyster Juice OR Water
	Melt butter, add onion and celery. Cook on slow fire until tender.
	Add oysters that have been cut up by scissors, and a little oyster
	juice. cook about 5 min. until oysters curl. Take off fire and
	mix w/ rolled toasted bread crumbs and grated eggs and parsley
	to season. Add salt, pepper, and dampen w/ oyster juice or water.
	Put into oyster shells or greased pyrex dish; sprinkle cracker
	crumbs on top and dots of butter. Bake at 350 about 20 min. 

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